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927 North Coast Highway
Newport, OR, 97365
United States


Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Newport, Oregon and Our Lady of Guadalupe in Siletz, Oregon


Sacred Heart Income: Fiscal Year July 2017 - June 2018


The 2017 -2018 Offertory Budget is $228,000 and is divided evenly making each month's goal $19,000 rather than being weighted differently throughout the year.

Offertory for November 5 $4,979.00

Offertory for November 12 $2,948.00

Total for Month:     $7927.00

Needed for Monthly Budget: $19,000.00

Monthly Total Over/Under:  -$11,073.00

Fiscal Year to Date

Need for Budget: $88,000.00

Received to Date:  $79,957.00

Over/Under:  -$8,043.00

Maintenance Fund

Goal for Year: $21,000.00

Received to Date: $5,227.00

Amount Needed: $15,773.00

Our Lady of Guadalupe-Siletz

Offertory for November 5 $410.00

Offertory for November 12 $393.00

Poor and Needy Collection:


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